Fifth Avenue Landing
San Diego, CA

The Robert Green Company, in partnership with Fifth Avenue Landing LLC, has submitted a proposal to the Port of San Diego for Fifth Avenue Landing, a world-class convention center hotel along the San Diego Bayfront.  The project consists of an 831 room convention center hotel, and a 565-bed shared lodging hotel.  Fifth Avenue Landing, located between the Convention Center and the San Diego Bay, also includes an expanded marina, new public open space, and viewing plazas for all San Diegans and visitors to enjoy.

Fifth Avenue Landing will feature:

  • 831 room hotel tower.
  • Hotel tower terrace with public access viewing areas.
  • Bridge from hotel tower to the Convention Center viewing platforms.
  • 565-bed low-cost accommodation hotel.
  • 310-320-space parking garage.
  • 65,810 SF of Plazas with ground/promenade access.
  • Public boating dock slip.
  • Marina with 20-25 slip expansion pile supported pier or floating docks with recreational Island.
  • 6-8 promenade open air cafes/retail storefronts.
  • Over 64,000 square feet of function and function support space.